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SQOOM The Skin Revolution

15 years of skin rejuvenation – In 40 countries.

Empty promise is an unknown term to us: We’re all about scientifically-proven results, delivering exceptional skincare treatments with revolutionary results. Our high-end technology and natural formulas are making proage, the new anti-age.

The outstanding success of SQOOM is based on the perfect interaction of methodology and agents.

While the SQOOM device is responsible for the transport, the SQOOM xCential Serums are responsible for the provision of the correct and effective ingredients.

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SQOOM devices and xCential Serums were initially developed for medical use, to treat various dermatological disorders. Anti-aging benefits were discovered as a clear side effect to these treatments and soon became the ultimate skincare brand it is today: The Skin Revolution.

The first medical device of its kind that combines ultrasound, magnetic field and light therapy.

SQOOM Clinical is used for the treatment of fractures and joints, for bone healing disorders, for the relief of pain, for inflammatory diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, heel spurs, for the treatment of wounds and scars, as well as for cosmetic skin treatment.

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